In her own words...

I strongly believe in challenging the norm of the equine industry, and do not accept the prevailing adage "its always been done that way". We are always meant to grow, evolve, and do better, and my entire life has reflected it.

Being that I didn't grow up in a horse family, I spent much of my upbringing figuring out how I was going to make a difference. I felt a bit like an outsider, but knew without a shadow of a doubt that the horse world was where I belonged.

I was so certain about my path involving horse care that I started training with Jaime Jackson in The Natural Trim my senior year of high school. Despite being doubted by those around me, after graduating, I made the trek to California for hands-on and experiential training.

California changed everything for me.

I was immediately immersed in natural hoof care. It didn't feel like work or another task to get done, it just felt right to help horses in this way.

I was hooked, and graduated from the program in 2015.

I excelled through my trimming career, and went on to become a certified instructor in 2020. My approach is grounded in knowing that every horse and situation is unique, and with an emphasis on educating owners and professionals on what is biologically important to their horses.

Then my life took a plot twist.

I began to see the barriers to the resources needed for the kind of horse care I knew would revolutionize the industry. Even worse, I knew that if I pushed to make changes where I was, they very likely would fall on deaf ears.

Going back to my roots in wanting to make a meaningful impact with my life, I made the bold decision to leave the association I worked with to pursue a veterinary path.

While I transition my life to accommodate a high level of performance in my studies, I will continue to provide virtual consultations so I can still participate in what is most important to me:

Being an advocate, resource, and voice for horses around the world.

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